Spring Sports

CVCHS offers eleven different sports during the Spring season for boys and girls. Information on these sports can be found on this page.

Team   Coaches   Team Rep/Contact   Info and Schedule
Cheerleading   Mary Ann Quinn       CVCHS Cheer Site
Baseball   Casey Coakley   Deborah Meylan    Baseball Website
Golf — Boys  

Jennifer Moore

Lacrosse — Boys   Matt Hill   Michele Hill  

Boys Lacrosse Website

2014 Sign-Up Form

Lacrosse — Girls   Mitch McDuff   April Winship   CVCHS Site (Out of Date)

Kristen Morley

Junior Varsity
Mark Morano

  Diana Montgomery   CVCHS Site (Out of Date)
Swimming & Diving   Shaun Guest    Grant Bazan   Swimming/Diving Website
Tennis — Boys   Rick Ortega       CVCHS Site (Out of Date)
Track & Field   Darren Newell
      CVCHS Site (Out of Date)
Trap Shooting   Jim Middendorf   Stacie Kierstead  

Trap Website

Schedule (Not Yet Updated)

Volleyball — Boys   Stephen Coddington   Josh Armstrong   CVCHS Site (Out of Date)